It can happen often while testing T24 Transact that a user is getting locked because of some reasons. The system administrator will be required to re-enable the user’s profile when the user has forgotten his/her password, wishes to sign-on during a deactivated period, or when the user was locked out because there were too many bad login attempts. Here is the solution how you can unlock the user.

T24 Transact Too Many Attempts error on the login screen
T24 Transact Too Many Attempts error on the login screen

To re-enable the user profile the application PASSWORD.RESET should be run.
Type PASSWORD.RESET, in the command line. I use the comma version so there will be no need for authorization of the transaction.


Type a value into the text box. Here I typed TEST01. This can be basically anything. It will be the name of the record for the current activity. Use a name that can refer to the transaction. Then press ENTER.

On the version fill the USER.PW.ATTEMPT multi-value field with the user IDs which have to be reset. Set the type of the users. Usually it is Internal.

PASSWORD.RESET fill version
PASSWORD.RESET fill version

Then commit the version.

And that’s all.

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