Mr. Gates,

Why there is no other option to change a password in Windows except pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL?

We are using site to site VPN so we have to logon to VM via RDP and from that VM we can jump to the other company’s VM. Even when pressing CTRL + ALT + END it send the command to the first VM so how to change password on the second VM?

The solution is to use On-screen keyboard on the second VM. Funny isn’t it? Start menu type osk. Press CTRL + ALT and click DEL on the On-screen keyboard.


5 thoughts to “Change Password without CTRL + ALT + DEL on a Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop

  • Samson

    This did not worked for me
    But instead what worked was
    Press ALT+CTRL then Press END key in the regular Keyboard , this was Azure VM in which I tried to change password remotely.

    • Gábor Zsolt Nagy


  • Gabriel Castro


  • Pete Isaacs

    Thank you! First method worked for me.

  • MJ

    thanks this worked for me


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