Questionnaire displays activity name without applying multi-language filter in the intro page (mod/questionnaire/view.php?id=) using Questionnaire version 2017050101.

Eg. like this:

<span lang="en" class="multilang">Satisfaction Questionnaire</span>
<span lang="de" class="multilang">Zufriedenheitsbogen</span>
<span lang="fr" class="multilang">Questionnaire de satisfaction</span>

I changed this on line 51 in view.php:

$questionnaire->page->add_to_page('questionnairename', clean_text($questionnaire->name));

to this:

$questionnaire->page->add_to_page('questionnairename', format_string($questionnaire->name));

So now I am using format_string instead of clean_text and it works fine for me now.

There is an issue for this in the moodle tracker, but it is closed.


Update: after I reported this problem on the Moodle Tracker it became an issue.

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