As a request to our client we changed to HTTPS on our server for their Moodle 2.7.1+ instance. I configured the site, but after the change the file picker stopped working.

I have found that Chrome console shows the following:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
Uncaught ReferenceError: MathJax is not defined yui_combo.php?m/1408696391/core/event/event-debug.js&m/1408696391/filter_mathjaxloader/loader/loade…:151

It was definitely true. I tried the link with HTTP and it was fine.

So my solution was to delete the equation from the Toolbar config at Site administration / Plugins / Text editors / Atto HTML editor / Atto toolbar settings.

6 thoughts to “Moodle – Filepicker not working in 2.7.1+ on HTTPS

  • Antonello

    Thank you, you saved me lot of debugging time !
    BDW, it’s not only the filepicker but also the Text Editor that wasn’t working without cancelling the equation plugin.

    Sad there isn’t an option to just disable a plugin.. next time I’ll have to upgrade moodle I will have to again remove the folder…

  • Stuart Neiman

    This problem just happened with me. But when you say you deleted the equation, do you mean Equation Editor?


    • Gábor Zsolt Nagy

      Hi Stuart,

      No. Navigate to Site administration / Plugins / Text editors / Atto HTML editor / Atto toolbar settings
      Down at the Toolbar config you may find the line

      insert = equation, charmap, table, clear

      Delete the word equation so the line should look like this:

      insert = charmap, table, clear

      Than click on Save changes.


  • Stuart Neiman

    Gabor, thank you very much. That did it. I missed that completely.

    Thanks again.

  • SerafimPanov

    My quick fix – change MathJax.js cdn:


    Old line:

    $url = get_config(‘filter_mathjaxloader’, ‘httpsurl’);

    Change to this:

    $url = “”;

    • Andrej

      Serafim, You helped me a lot.
      Thank You!


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