When trying to export an assignment document to Mahara and we get the following error:

Payload not encryptedERROR 1:1:Payload not encryptedDebug: \nError code: failedtopingline 280 of /portfolio/mahara/lib.php: portfolio_export_exception thrown
line 57 of /portfolio/mahara/preconfig.php: call to portfolio_plugin_mahara->send_intent()\n, referer: http://moodle.appi.bme.hu/mod/assign/view.php

Most likely we are behind a firewall. If both Moodle and Mahara servers are behind the firewall simply add the inner IP address of the Mahara server to the Moodle server /etc/hosts file like this:


Or if you have a DNS inside the firewall, check the settings of it.

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