Here are the steps to insert RokGallery into an article.

  1. Create a Gallery as normal on the Administration site. Go to Component > RokGallery.
  2. Add a Gallery by clicking on the Galleries icon.
  3. Set the options, name your gallery, choose a tag and save.
  4. Upload your images or choose images from the existing ones, set their name and description and tag them with the tag you have set in the gallery dialog.
  5. Go to Extensions > Module manager
  6. Create a new RokGallery module.
  7. Add Title, set Gallery Layout to Grid and the most important is to define a Position.
    Important note: the Position must be a uniqie identifier, not an existing one and should not contain special characters like _-!#.
  8. Go to Content >Article manager. Create a new article.
  9. Set Title and the required options.
  10. In the article text insert:
    {loadposition positionyouenteredtothegallerymodule}



3 thoughts to “Adding RokGallery to Joomla Article

  • Nuria

    It works great, THANK YOU!!

  • Pim

    This works great, but do have a question:

    Is there an advantage/disadvantage of using “loadposition” vs rokinjectmodule?


    • Gábor Zsolt Nagy

      In my case “loadposition” worked well, so for me it is an advantage.



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