MAHOODLE Payload not encryptedERROR 1:1:Payload not encrypted

When trying to export an assignment document to Mahara and we get the following error: Payload not encryptedERROR 1:1:Payload not encryptedDebug: \nError code: failedtopingline 280 of /portfolio/mahara/lib.php: portfolio_export_exception thrown line 57 of /portfolio/mahara/preconfig.php: call to portfolio_plugin_mahara->send_intent()\n, referer: Most likely we are behind a firewall. If both Moodle and Mahara servers are behind the firewall […]

MAHOODLE Sorry, could not log you in… :( when we are behind a firewall or a proxy

Installing MAHOODLE is easy and there is a very good install guide. Btw If we are behind a firewall / proxy and we have separated the application to different machines or VMs in the same sub network it could happen that we can not log in to Mahara from Moodle. We get an apache error […]

Mahara Moodle SSO – Unknown error 710

I have got a mail from one of our students, that she can not log in using SSO from Moodle. The Apache log said: [Thu Oct 10 10:46:38 2013] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: [WAR] fe (api/xmlrpc/client.php:173) Unknown error occurred: 710: Az al\xc3\xa1\xc3\xadr\xc3\xa1s-ellen\xc5\x91rz\xc3\xa9s sikertelen; az azonos\xc3\xadt\xc3\xa1st feltehet\xc5\x91leg nem \xc3\x96n \xc3\xadrta al\xc3\xa1., referer: [Thu Oct […]