Open a Till for an existing User in BrowserWeb

What can I say? TELLER is a nightmare in T24. But it is needed to test this function too.

Here is a quick guide how to open a till for a user in BrowserWeb.


On the version select a four digit number which was not assigned to other user and press ENTER.

Then add the user you want to assign.

Press Commit.

Txn Complete: 9102 11:13:48 19 APR 2019 TELLER.ID,CREATE I

No need to authorise.

How to Unlock a Record in Temenos T24 BrowserWeb?

As always it is tricky to unlock a record in T24 BrowserWeb. When you get: LOCKED BY INGRESO NO EXISTE you can use the following steps to unlock: Enter RECORD.LOCK L Search for your locked record on the %RECORD.LOCK enquiry screen. Eg. @ID CT CUSTOMERID. Then click on the record “FBNK.CUSTOMER$NAU.CUSTOMERID“. It will appear on […]

Moodle 3.3 with MySQL SSL Connection in the Azure Cloud

Update: Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL: Use PHP (not) to Connect and Query Data article has now some new updates. Microsoft listened to my words, so I have found a documentation how to connect to Azure Database for MySQL with PHP via SSL connection. This can be found here: Of course this is not […]

LimeSurvey – Create an Multi-language Array with Comments for Every Sub-question

This day challenge was to install limesurvey and copy an existing survey built with EUSurvey. One of the question was an array with comments  for every sub-question in the last column. LimeSurvey does not offer a built in question for that you need to tweak the array question to work. So here is my solution.

My First PowerShell to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS on the Azure Application Gateway

After I was able to have HTTPS with a self-signed certificate on Application Gateway it was the time to redirect all HTTP communication to HTTPS. For that Microsoft offers only a PowerShell solution, you are not able to do that on the Portal. So in my life it was the first time I had to […]

How to Set Proxy in an Ubuntu Terminal?

Yes, because companies like to use proxy but I needed to access the Internet from my Ubuntu running on a VirtualBox. Just a few steps and access can be established: Edit the /etc/environment file with your favorite editor Add the following lines http_proxy=”” https_proxy=”” ftp_proxy=”” no_proxy=”localhost,,localaddress,” HTTP_PROXY=”” HTTPS_PROXY=”” FTP_PROXY=”” NO_PROXY=”localhost,,localaddress,” Logout and login again. Apt does […]

Create a database and an user with SQL Server Authentication

Again dear Microsoft, why do you harden our life when you could make it easier? Yesterday I was able to install Access Database Engine to connect the .ASP application to its database. But because getting An unhandled win32 exception occurred in w3wp.exe all the times, I thought it is time to change to MS SQL […]