Moodle – Connecting to an Active Directory with PHP using LDAPs Connection

PHP and LDAP are not good friends. I had always issues connecting to a Microsoft Active Directory with PHP using the php_ldap module. And it was always a pain in the ass to figure out what went wrong or why it does not want to connect. My Moodle did not want to connect to the […]

Moodle Analytics – Part 3. – Setting up TensorBoard to view the Model Results in cPanel

After evaluating a model you will get the following message in Moodle: Launch TensorBoard from command line by typing: tensorboard –logdir=’/path_to_your_moodledata/models/4/1566208427/evaluation/coreanalyticstime_splittingquarters/logs/1566583192278/tensor’ Installing moodlemlbackend is a prerequisite to view the model results. Read this quick guide on how to setup the prerequisites. The moodlemlbackend package comes with an older version of TensorFlow package which contains a […]

Moodle Analytics – Part 1. – Setting up the Python Machine Learning Backend in cPanel

Moodle Analytics machine learning models were introduced in Moodle 3.7.Moodle currently supports two predictions processors: PHP machine learning backend which comes with the core installation Python machine learning backend which is using TensorFlow and much more accurate than the PHP backend and which is recommended over the PHP by MoodleDev. Python backend requires python binary […]

How to Unlock a Record in Temenos T24 BrowserWeb?

As always it is tricky to unlock a record in T24 BrowserWeb. When you get: LOCKED BY INGRESO NO EXISTE you can use the following steps to unlock: Enter RECORD.LOCK L Search for your locked record on the %RECORD.LOCK enquiry screen. Eg. @ID CT CUSTOMERID. Then click on the record “FBNK.CUSTOMER$NAU.CUSTOMERID“. It will appear on […]

Moodle 3.3 with MySQL SSL Connection in the Azure Cloud

Update: Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL: Use PHP (not) to Connect and Query Data article has now some new updates. Microsoft listened to my words, so I have found a documentation how to connect to Azure Database for MySQL with PHP via SSL connection. This can be found here: Of course this is not […]

LimeSurvey – Create an Multi-language Array with Comments for Every Sub-question

This day challenge was to install limesurvey and copy an existing survey built with EUSurvey. One of the question was an array with comments  for every sub-question in the last column. LimeSurvey does not offer a built in question for that you need to tweak the array question to work. So here is my solution.

My First PowerShell to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS on the Azure Application Gateway

After I was able to manage HTTPS with a self-signed certificate on the Microsoft Application Gateway it was the time to redirect all HTTP communication to HTTPS. For that Microsoft offers only a PowerShell solution, you are not able to do that on the Portal. So in my life, it was the first time I had […]