Moodle Analytics – Part 3. – Setting up TensorBoard to view the Model Results in cPanel

After evaluating a model you will get the following message in Moodle: Launch TensorBoard from command line by typing: tensorboard –logdir=’/path_to_your_moodledata/models/4/1566208427/evaluation/coreanalyticstime_splittingquarters/logs/1566583192278/tensor’ Installing moodlemlbackend is a prerequisite to view the model results. Read this quick guide on how to setup the prerequisites. The moodlemlbackend package comes with an older version of TensorFlow package which contains a […]

Moodle Analytics – Part 1. – Setting up the Python Machine Learning Backend in cPanel

Moodle Analytics machine learning models were introduced in Moodle 3.7.Moodle currently supports two predictions processors: PHP machine learning backend which comes with the core installation Python machine learning backend which is using TensorFlow and much more accurate than the PHP backend and which is recommended over the PHP by MoodleDev. Python backend requires python binary […]